Friday, April 22, 2005

Another smarty-pants in the family and they grow so fast!

I make no bones about it that my son is the genius in my family.. or at the very least very smart and above average.  Well.. I try and not stress it too much so the girls don't feel like I am comparing them with him. I would like to think we have enforced the thought that they are capable of doing well also and expected to do well to the best of their abilities.  Each of my children have special qualities and are unique in their own ways. 

Yesterday Lilly had her pre-kindergarten screening.  You can not imagine her excitement but I did have some anxiety about it.  Zane and Annie went threw Head Start and we were diligent about doing extra stuff with them to help in their developments.  With Lilly and Sophia they are home with me and have no pre-school experience at all.  And I admit it.. I have become much more lazy with them as far as doing the brain enriching stuff that I did with their older siblings.  I was starting to feel guilty and wondering  just how well could Lilly do with this lack of extra stuff all the experts say to do with our young children.  Sadly what every she has picked up from Elmo on Sesame Street or the other PBS toons is the most she has gotten lately.  I don't know how she learned to write her name.. I didn't teach it to her LOL.  I suspect Annie or Zane helped her out but after I saw her starting to do it I did encourage her to practice it every time she drew a picture to put her name on it.  She very proudly puts a big B after Lilly.  It was only last week that she confessed to me her secret to making squares.. she traces them off one of her blocks. (aw cute and smart!)

As Lilly was in getting her screening Sophia was with me in the Lobby.  She was not happy at all about being left behind. She wanted to be with her sister (as always) and be tested too. She wants to go to school NOW also. She sees Lilly's excitement and ofcourse they are about twins and have done almost everything together.  This is the girl who wanted to hold Lily's hand while she was getting her shots, she wanted to comfort her sister and when I told her no because I had to hold Lilly still, she had a fit.. she cried more about the shots than Lilly did. This was like a look into the future to this fall when Lilly is gone and Sophia is left behind. I am hoping to get her into preschool but I don't want to promise it yet until we are sure of what our finance situation will be.  If anything 2 times a week so she gets that interaction.  In the lobby with us was a very cute downsyndrome baby and Sophia was playing with her and trying to kiss on her.  I kept telling her it is not a good idea to kiss babies, just ask the mommy if you can give her a hug instead.  Poor Sophia was just having a hard time all the way around.

While Lilly was getting her vision and hearing tested the screener came out and went over her test with me.  To my surprise she said she was VERY impressed with Lilly. She said she was super at the problem solving section and that her fine motor skills are very good too, she did great with the blocks and cutting.  And she was also impressed with how cooperative Lilly was and her attitude.  She is at age level for all they were testing for.  She said to keep practicing counting and the alphabet and letters with her and to start having her write her name not all in capital letters but in lower case too.   A glowing report all around.

I am impressed also and should of never doubted my little Bea.  I feel less guilty now and all the more motivated to start working more with her and Sophia.  Next challenge.. learning to tie their shoes!

I am just as excited as they are about them going threw these milestones but I can't help but hold them close now and then and wonder what ever happen to the little babies I once had. It is more than a clique that they grow up so fast and time passes quickly, to enjoy every moment with them NOW.

So if you are going to ask Mary Mary how does your garden grow??

  (my family is my garden)

I will have to say my little flowers are flourishing and growing faster than the weeds out on my lawn.


  1. oh boy....these kids of yours sure are smarties!

  2. Yes I know that kids learn from other kids and that is the thing you see in homeschooling its amazing how they can learn without a book and by just daily life. I think its more fun and they learn better. Like I said at thier pace when they are interested in it. So you see you were doing a good job. You were teaching here by daily living and she learned from everything she sees and lives. congrats little B

  3. I knew she'd test out good!  We give more to our children then we realize, even without a special organized effort.  With both of mine we colored, read books, played I Spy....I taught them both to play Rummy and Straight Dominoes at age 3-4.  (Mommy can't stand those kiddie games! lol)  Bubba scored high on his verbal in part because I kept a running dialog going on all day with him.  Commenting on everything I did.  (I was probably, even then, talking to myself.....but having him around kept me from appearing crazy!  lol)  Have a blessed weekend!