Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Teachable moments and sometimes the Truth does hurt..

It has been awhile since I had any significant alone time with my son Zane so when he asked if he could run to the store with me it was a nice opportunity for us to be just US together.  Like how it once was when he was the only child.. oh how long ago that seems now lol.  He is ten and entering those tween years.. branching out and making friends and finding his niche, trying to decide what his likes and dislikes are and also processing all the info he is bombed with everyday.  I made a side trip to the "yellow house" to show him and how it is right off the short cut we take to his school.  He thought it was pretty cool that it was so close.  But I dispelled any ideas of him walking to school or riding his bike.. it is close but his school is right off a busy hwy so even the close homes still get bused.  He shrugged his shoulders like it was no biggie and turned up the DC Talk tape he had put into my tape player. I love DC Talk also but goshhhh I must be getting old because he turned it up way too loud for my ears LOL and I had to shoot him a glance as I turned it down about 5 decimals.

He was very helpful at the store.. fetching the cart for me and helping pick out what we needed for dinner (sloppy joes and corn on the cob) and afterwards carrying the bags to the car as I put the cart away.  I guess I should revel in this memory since he is fast approaching those years when the thought of shopping with mom will be yucky and being helpful is uncool.  Shopping done I just had one quick stop at the gas station to make.

As I was pulling in the parking lot of the gas station my son out of the blue it seems to me, asked if I was aware or knew that Indians (I am thinking he meant Native American Indians) have like their own religion.  My answer was.. uuuhhh Ya, I knew that.. it is kinda part of their culture. (Yes Mom still knows it all lol)  As I parked the van a concerned look came over my boy's face.  Does that mean they have their own way of going to Heaven??, he asked me in all seriousness. Now you have to know my son Love Jesus Christ very much and is a baptized Bible believing (and reading) believer and I suspect he could of answered this question himself if he had thought about it but he was looking to me at this moment to tell him the Truth and to guide him to the correct answer.  It was one of those teachable moments I know are going to grow less and less as time goes on.

Zane, as you know there is only one way to go to heaven.  Remember where Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by him.? (John 14:16) Only those who have repented of their sins and received Jesus and follow him will go to heaven, even Indians or any one else.  I said all this to him in love and gently but he still had a sad look on his face when he realized what that meant if they did not go to heaven.  I told him,Yes it is sad.. I know.. I get sad when ppl reject him because I want them in heaven also but that is why honey, Jesus told us to tell everyone, to go out into all the world and tell them about him and his love.  That is called the Great Commission.  So son, if you really love some one you will tell them this Truth.  He shook his head yes and that was that, end of conversation. He got his answer and was satisfied and asked if he could come into the gas station with me instead of sitting in the car waiting.

I know to some my explanation will come off as intolerance or bigotry.. but it is THE TRUTH and sometimes the Truth hurts.  I wonder why he asked out of the  blue like that, maybe because he is learning about Indians in school or he read it in a book.. he reads a lot of books and has many questions and watches the news.  I didn't tell him anything that was new to him or that he didn't already know. 

All this with the back drop of a new Pope who has made statements that he wants to Unite Christians and have open dialogue with all Faiths.. when he should be proclaiming the Truth that Jesus Christ is THE ONLY WAY as I just did with my son.  We are living in a time where a one world religion or interfaith religion is going to come about as talked about in Rev. and many will find The Truth offensive, even those who are in Christian Leadership.  If you think about it the persecution will not come from the secular world as much as it will from the Religious Leaders because in the time of Christ and the Apostles their biggest opposition was from them.

Mark my words.. no not my words but God's Word.. it is coming and I told you so!


  1. Really if you study the indian religion alot of it has its base in God. You see they just have different names. Much like well even in our country some call Jesus Yeshuah. Yehoshua and of course in mexico is hesuss. Spell jesus but pronounced the other way. They have a spirit they call it becuase that is all thier langueage translates into our as that lived way back then some indians its pronounced koahdiah. Something like that i have forgotten. That is the similar to Kadosh which means close to the holy spirit in Hebrew. simlar. Yes they have closeness with nature and have some very different things be we have to remember they were here on the continet and there is no way to acuratly translate what they have known. They feel something so close to nature and so in tune with it that they see and feel things we dont have words to explain. there are hebrew words that can not be translated well into english. it just does not work. Kind of like did you read Kas entry on certian things not to do in ohter countrys. A simple thing we do here means something tottally differnt over there. It can get you into trouble. LOL Yeah I know some have gone far from what the truth may be inour eyes. But if you sat with them and studied with them you might be surprised how similar thier stories are. OH man there was a christmas story with I believe Kris kristofferson years ago. He went with the indians. They told thier version of Jesus and Mary and joseph. It was based on thier real beliefs of that . I wish I could remember it. I may have it on tape. I ll have to see if I can find it. It might be very good to watch.

  2. Wow, what a terrific answer for Zane!  What a good question to ask as well.  You are a remarkable mom.  I think you have the gift of wisdom.

    By the way, my site got more traffic yesterday since you said you'd recommend it.  I think I might get the hang of this after a while.  Thanks for all your help.  AOL should give you a free month on here for all the help you have given me.

  3. that would be a difficult's still confusing to me because the indians were very spiritual ppl.....the one thing i don't understand is this...they were living on this continent and had no way of knowing anything of the Bible until white man came and told them.......kinda of like a small child cannot be held accountable for the things they do not yet know. does that make sense?

  4. Hi Mary, You and your son have a very nice relationship. Everytime you talk about him I can tell what a good good sweet boy he is. I love spending time with my kids one and one too. It's so awesome.
    As for the religious question and answer thing....I think Netta and Loris comment is what I agree with.