Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Make YOUR VOICE be heard and protect your rights as a parent and your daughters!

On April 12 I posted about the mother who was ARESTED because she had found out her 14 year old daughter had skipped school and been taken to an abortion clinic (and across state lines in this case) and she went to the clinic to at least talk to her daughter.  When the clinic workers refused to let her talk to her daughter and the mother upset (ofcourse) the clinic called the police to take her off the permission.  When the girl had heard her mother was there she had asked if they could give her mother a note from her (she wanted to talk to her obviously) but they had her hid in the back and lied telling her the mother had left.

Many of you shared my outrage that it was legal for them to basically take custody of our minor daughters.  NOW is your chance to do something about your rage!!!!!!!!  To assure this WILL NOT happen to your daughters. 

Read the following and click the links to write your Representive about the vote they are about to take on a VERY important Law.

The Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (H.R. 748), commonly known as CIANA, is being voted on by the U.S. House of Representatives TOMORROW, April 27th!

This critical bill protects young girls from being transported across states lines to evade parental notification or consent laws to have a secret abortion. Send a letter to your Congressman today to support CIANA!

CIANA would make it a federal offense to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion and requires the abortion provider to notify a parent before performing an abortion on a young girl who is a resident of a different state.

An overwhelming majority of Americans, over 80%, support parental notification or consent laws.

   Pro-Life Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is sponsoring CIANA and is leading the fight to protect parents and their children. Click Here to read Representative Ros-Lehtinen's statement on CIANA.

Undergoing an abortion is an invasive and life-altering medical procedure. During this critical time in a young girl's life, she needs the care, advice and love of her parents. Send a letter to your Representative today to vote for CIANA when it comes to the House floor tomorrow!

Our young girls must be protected under federal law! Minors are transported across state lines every day to obtain secret abortions -- breaking state parental consent or notification laws. Thirty states currently have such laws which are being evaded. Encourage your Representative to uphold current state parental notification laws by supporting CIANA!

Thank you for protecting young girls. And please ask your friends and family to do the same.


Jennifer Bingham
Executive Director
Susan B. Anthony List

PS: Click Here for more information on the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. Send a letter to your Congressman to support this life-saving legislation!


  1. I ll check itout thanks for the info. That was sad about htat young girl and her being taking out side of her moms permission and them held apart.

  2. Along with the form letter they provide I added this in my e-mail:
    I am writing as a mother of 3 girls and begging you, PLEADING WITH YOU to vote in support of the following legislation!!  If my girls were taken across state line to obtain an abortion eluding our state's current parental notification laws, it would be devastating to my family.  I am a women who has had an abortion and know all that it entails and how hard it is on a young girl.  It would rip me apart to know my own daughters could go threw with something like that with out my input or knowledge.  This is to me as much as a parent-child issues as it is a health issue. Please help me protect my children!

  3. Excellent Entry, Mary!!!  And I agree whole heartedly!  As a parent I definitely should have the right to know where my daughter is, what is happening to her, be able to TALK to her, and I should be able to have the right to give or NOT give medical consent.  

    At what age do they allow a child make their own medical decisions?

    I would be devastated if something like this happened to Emily.  Thank you for writing about this and sharing the links for making our voices heard!  (((hugs)))

  4. I will write to the congressmen.  Abortion can even in some cases take the life of the mother.  What if the girl would have died?  The parent never would have had a last chance to see her even.  It's disgusting that the "state" thinks they know what's best and an impose their will on us when a young girl is at her most vulnerable and pressured by society to get an abortion.

  5. I signed this a few months back at a Walmart. This is total trash....a mom has every right to know these things!!!
    Thanks for posting this!!

  6. I hope I wasn't too late but i sent a letter to our representative anyway! I am completely outraged by this!!! That clinic should be shut down for doing this to a minor without the mothers permission "AND"  the mothers presence!!! Everyone of those workers who kept the mother from her daughter need to be charged with kidnapping or something!! I am also VERY outraged by the number of young girls who go out and freely have sex without using some sort of birth control and then think it's all fine and dandy to go abort the babies!!!! What kind of responsiblity are they learning from these horrific actions!!!??
    I hope and pray that this law is passed to prevent this from EVER happening again!!  And for any young readers out there who may be reading this.....If your going to lay down and have sex...PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE ABOUT IT AND USE BIRTH CONTROL!! And if you happened to get pregnant...PLEASE tell your parents so you can come to a viable decision together!! Yes, your parents may be a little (or even alot) upset   but remember that the child is THEIR GRANDCHILD too!! They won't "kill" you like you assume they will!!
    Very power Entry MARY!! Thanks for sharing this and making it known to us all....I had no clue  this was even legal!!!