Thursday, April 28, 2005

The other stuff..

Besides being elated about the passing of that law in Congress and writing my thank you e-mails and also my Senators to pass it there, I have other things going on that I feel I should write down, if just for me. 

I got a letter from school yesterday saying that Lilly will be placed in the A.M. class room for Kindergarten.. but no teacher assignments yet.. that will come later they say. (pulling for Ms. Jones.. she was Annie's K teacher) I can deal with that I guess.  I just have to remember that she is half days and  make sure I am home to greet her off the bus in the afternoon.  If we do put Sophia in preschool I will see if we can put her in the a.m. as well.. aww a whole morning to myself?? LOL

Also today I got a call back (finally) from the lady in charge of the forgivable loan program.  She asked me the typical questions about family size and income.  When she asked if we made more than the income cut off I about laughed.. we make half of that.. so we are safe there in qualifying, even after Josh's raise at the end of July..I think.  So she gave me the low down on how the program works.. first things first is getting her a copy of our credit reports and determine our credit score (yuck) and if it isn't at the magic number of 620 or over they would help us to work on it.  After that we have to take 3 classes with them about being a home owner and all the ins and outs of buying.  The classes are on Wednesday nights.. and children are not allowed.. that my be kinda prickly finding some one to watch 4 kids on that night since that is when about everyone I know is at church.  But when it comes to it I am sure we can work it out.  She also said something about FHA loan and their only goal is to make sure we get into a house we can afford and that if something down the line happens we will not loose our house. (Josh has been resistant to the idea of a FHA loan because of the extra insurance you have to pay on top of the mortgage but he may come around) She said the whole process may take only up to 3 months.  Not bad and I am much more happy about doing it this way then going threw the "we take all kinds of credit" ppl.  All life lessens.  I called the company that we were working with to see since they JUST went over our credit report with us and left a message if they could send us a copy of it, that there were a few things I wanted to go over in it.  If they don't I have to call TransUnion and get our reports and they charge $12.95.  I had asked her what about that new law saying we could get it once a year for free and she explained that she did that and according to that report she had no credit when she knew she did, so it is not very accurate.  I would hope but I am not counting on it, getting our report from that company since it is my understanding the more times your report is pulled it is flagged on your report and counts against you (not fair).

My MOM called me tonight and asked if I could make it up to Milwaukee at the end of August for the Neil Diamond Concert.  She wants to take me and my sister along with her husband.  She had to know because she was pre-buying the tickets online tonight (and the pricey ones at that).  No dates where listed for Saint Louis.  Josh said it would be o.k. if she went ahead and bought them and we would work it out.  The concert is on of all days a MONDAY!  How inconvenient is that?!  But it would make for a nice weekend trip up there and spend time with my Mommy.  She instilled in me a love for Neil Diamond at a very young age (it was her cleaning music and I think her crying music).  So ofcourse I am a big fan.  This will be my first time seeing him live so it is something BIG to look forward to!!!  Shilo.. Shilo..  And ya, I have warped my own kids into liking him too.

Speaking of Mother Daughter moments.. This Saturday my church is holding a Mother Daughter lunch at Ponderosa.  I was instructed to bring one of my favorite baby picture of each of my daughters.  This will be a fun brake and a nice  memory for me and the girls.  If we had money I would say it would be just the occasion that called for a shopping trip and matching outfits! LOL  Maybe we will settle for wearing matching colors?  Don't worry, I will bring my camera.

Also this Sunday is going to be a VERY special service at church.  Grace Family Fellowship and New Beginnings Church are officially merged and one church.. This is the first Sunday were we are officially  ONE and under our new name New Beginnings Family Church.  This is a historic thing and I am bless to be there especially at a time when so many other churches are splitting and fragmenting.. it is almost unheard of two churches merging now a days.  I am still getting to know the people who are "new" to me but everyone from the other side seems to be wonderful people and God loving and following.  With the addition to us becoming one we are also taking over the food pantry out reach the other church had ran and a lot of other exciting things are in the works.   I admit it.. I was resistant at first to the change.. I am not fawned of change, specially at my home church where I have been a member for 5 yrs.  But God is doing a mighty work here so I figured I better let my self get out of the way of what he is doing and see where he is going to take us.  So please keep us in prayer.

And that is the bulk of the "other stuff".  I do have a rant brewing about "back ally abortions" but that can wait.  And ofcourse I could add the stuff about Josh and his job but as we all know that topic is off limits.


  1. WE never had any extra insurance on our FmHA Loan. yOu need to make sure the the little m is in there. its amuch more easily dealable loan and goes according to what you make. boy a whole mornig free how in the world will you find something to do LOL Hey I got an idea Rachael will be graduated and you willl have two gone lets have brucnch online lOL

  2. Buying a house is just about the biggest hassle on the planet I think.  I'm glad we got that over with.  I don't want to re live it anytime soon!

  3. Guess we've got a little bit of a controversy going. :-[ Sorry. I'm kind of out spoken about my opinions but I'm doing my best to keep quiet. The mother-daughter events sound like a lot of fun. Enjoy your concert with your mom and your lunch with your daughters. I once had a mother-daughter banquet with my mom and grandma (my dad's mom) and they served artichoke hearts as part of the salad. Ick. The rest of it was really nice though. Your daughters will cherish those memories for a long time.