Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Saw this over in Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice and said oh ya sure.. interview me.. ohh she came up with some tuff questions!

So here goes.. starting with the rules because every game has got to have them you know....

Leave me a comment saying “interview me”. The first five commenters will be the participants. I will respond by asking you five questions. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions. (Write your own questions or borrow some.)

Fun and easy right?!  So here are the nail bitting questions she asked me.. I had to really think on some of them..



In a very nice tone I am sure, Amy asks and I answer with all honesty and clairity:

1.  You have said that you feel bad about the state of your house (as in you say you feel guilt that it is messy).  Why do you feel that people will perceive you in a negative light in regards to how messy or not messy your house is?  In complete honesty, do you really care?   You sure don't pull any punches and start with the hard questions huh!  Let's just face facts.. I am a slob, my husband is a slob and we are teaching our children to be slobs and have bad habits.  Learning to start new habits like actually scrapping the dishes and putting them by the sink and washing them before bed or putting the laundry in a basket instead of the floor wouldn't be such a hard thing, you would think.  I beg ppl to please call ahead and warnme they are coming over so I can at least sweep the crumbs up and stash the toys away, the response I often get is "Oh it is ok, we understand, you have 4 children" and for awhile I let that be my excuse.  But in all reality, I am a lazy house wife.  Do I care what ppl think about that? Yes, to some degree because basically since I don't work my home is my job and I should take some pride in it.  WE all knowwwwwww ppl judge others when they come into some one's home, either consciously or unconsciously.. and I am guilty of that.  I think I love the messy ppl more then the clean freaks because they make me feel better about myself, like I am not that bad.  I guess, now that I am thinking about it, my problem is that I just don't care enough to make the efforts to keep a nice home, thus I feel I don't deserve nice things because I can't take care of them (something I have heard all my life) So in honesty.. Yes I care but enough to change?? Working on that one.

2.  You have an entire weekend to yourself.  No husband, kids, pets, nothing.  What do you do?   Run around the house naked (with the curtains closed ofcourse), do my nails and toe nails.. a beauty day!  Finish reading the two books I have going.  Write some of my own book.  Probably watch a bit of TV and enjoy uninterrupted Internet time lol.

3.  Your religion is a big part of who you are.  Have you ever been another religion or was this THE ONE that you knew was for you?   My Faith and relationship with Jesus Christ IS a big part of who I am but not really so much religion (I don't like that word religion, too stuffy and not very accurate I think)  I can say I always KNEW there was a God or a superior power out there and just felt that no matter what everything would work out O.K., that there must be some master plan going on, even if I was not aware of what it was. I have always been drawn to topics that speak of destiny and all that but never researched actual religions. For a time I was into horoscopes and tarro card readings and crystals and smudge sticks and psychics.. but more for the "cool" factor than actually believing in them. (I am thankful I did not get too caught up in all that and it was a quickly passing phase in my life)  As I say in my testimony I can look back now and see how God had always been calling out to me and keeping me safe when in harm and I always have had some idea of who Jesus was but not really knowing him.  When I came to KNOW him there was just NO going back from that. 

4.  What is your favorite thing to shop for?   Yuck! Shopping? I hate shopping.  But if I had to choose a favorite thing to shop for it would have to be books.  Don't leave me alone in a book store with cash in my pockets.

5.  What is the one thing you like best about yourself? Thinking.. thinking.. humm.. there isn't much I "pride" my self on or in.  Like most ppl I am probably more down on myself than I should be. I would like to think of myself as a loyal friend, good listener, problem solver (other ppl's problems lol) just there when you need me the most.  Ofcourse I am not always perfect in those aspects but I have been told I have that quality.  Ohh and my sexy blue eyes.. about the best feature I have I think lol.

And that concludes my interview with Amy of Surgar, Spice and Everything Nice. Thank's Amy for taking the time to ask me such thought provoking questions.. it was fun.  Now who wants ME to interview them??



  1. Interview Me!


  2. OK, I'm game ... interview me! :-)  This was fun to read and some of those questions made me think.


  3. I already did amys. I ll do this one more But this coudl end up takingmy whole journal entry this week LOL so INterview me. You may want to look atamys after you have your questions in mind IF you dont want to duplicate them LOL I have found of late that (on the subject of beng a good friend) I have been a good friend jumped dropped what I m doing stopped my life gave up my sleep (which I dont get much of anyway) gave up my things my money and parts of myself to listen do and help others but I do not get the same in return or even a bit of that. SOOOOOOOO ON that note since I heard the song live like you were dying (thought provoking song for sure) I stick to always posting in my j land friends journals just to let them know I hear them and smoetimes sympathize. Its not like they are just throwing itout in the air. Well I get more of what I give here than any ohter place. Now abotu your hosue cleaning. for me IM  a neat freak. BUT I understand for others its not so easy. Tracy is a slob. She says she not but she is. I say take ten seconds now put it no she misplaces it nad spend hours lookijng for it. or wasting time trying to get around in her mess. she was not this way till she went to work. It drives me nuts I tell you. to have it in my home. Others homes it doesnt bother me BUT in my home it does.

  4. I'll play too.  :)

  5. Okay. I cave. I'll play. :) *laughing my head off for some unknown reason*

  6. I'm game... interview me.


  7. Here are my answers: http://journals.aol.com/sonensmilinmon/SmilinMonsAdventures/entries/872

  8. Pick me! Pick me............I wanna play! lol