Friday, May 13, 2005

At my wits end.. It is about like a scene from that movie Mommy Dearest

5yrd little girl.. refuses to eat any form of veggie or fruit.. a battle of wills ensues and guess who wins..


Lilly is so small for her age and we are worried that she is not getting the nutrition she needs because of her picky eating habits.  I have tried everything.. from trying to let her help pick out what we are going to eat at the store, to just letting her get by on a daily vitamin.  I have read some where and it always stuck with me that toddlers that are trying to assert their independence and own control over their lives will do so over their eating habits because they perceive that is the only thing they have any control of in their life.  So I have let it go and not been one of those mom that says you will sit there till  you eat at least 5 bites (as my mom did).  But it has come to the point where she will not even try to taste something she thinks she doesn't like.  Last night I made hamburgers and winter blend of cooked veggies.  Just so happen Daddy is fed up with the way she has been acting towards her food and decided it was time to battle it out with her and ofcourse expects me to back him up.  JUST ONE BITE is all we wanted.  She refused to even put it in her mouth and did her patented mouth closed tighter than a bear trap act.  Hubby doesn't seem to think we should let the kids have a say about what they eat, that they should be happy with what ever we serve them and this picky eating thing has gone on long enough... I agree but it is just sooooooooo hard.

She would rather take a spanking or go to bed hungry then eat what was given her.  She has it in her head, and probably rightly so, that if she holds out long enough no matter what she will get her way and not have to eat the thing she is rejecting.  Ofcourse, it has worked in the past, why wouldn't it work now, I can see her little mind working and remembering that is just how I used to be.  Josh insisted she sit at the table until she either ate her veggies or fell asleep there and if she did fall asleep there the veggies should be sitting there waiting for her in the morning.

Like I said it was like out of a scene from that movie.. only this time it wasn't a blood almost raw stake but perfectly fine cooked mixed veggies.  And like that movie the suborn, but justified little girl.. won out.

I didn't have the heart to let her sleep at the table as my husband wanted and after he went to bed and she was about to fall out I told her to get up and go to bed herself.  I did put the veggies away and am planning on trying to get her to eat them at lunch time (maybe adding cheese to them) so I can say I tried again to get her to eat them.

I am worried over my Little Bea.  I want her to form healthy eating habits and not have an eating distorter.  Her doctor said she is fine and to just keep trying to give her foods even if she has rejected them, just keep introducing them to her and it is ok to give her a vitamin.  But I don't want her to grow up with weird ideas about food and also that a pill is the answer to any problems she may have.

This just sucks.  She is unique because all my other children eat what is given them except for maybe Annie who doesn't like sour cream or whipped cream in any form.  Sophia was so sweet as she tried to encourage her big sister Lilly last night, "Lilly! They are good! Eat them! See, I am eating them" Ok maybe she wasn't being encouraging? LOL Maybe she was bragging?  Still very cute.


  1. Wow... I too have been having problems with my child. He is skin and bones. The doctor has told me that he is okay and that I should not compare him to the size of the others. He too gives me a hard time with his food. He is such a picky eater. About three weeks ago I got really upset with him. (this is sneaky) I told him don't worry I called the doctor and I explained to him that you are not eating enough protein so I am going to take you to his office every week for an injection. He started to cry and I told him don't worry it is only once a week. WELL, you should see him eating more and more now. He will even ask me, does this have protein?
    It is funny. Sometimes as parents we have to do subtle things to get big results.
    Hang in there in with your little one, I know how frustrating it can be. She will come around. *Louise*

  2. Oh, I have been so there!  Bubba liked maybe three foods when he was little.  Bug would eat anything you gave her up until recently (except boiled potatoes or homemade soup).   I think the doctor is right, as Bubba expanded what he ate as he and his appetite grew.  And I'm not too worried about Bug, cause she still likes lots of good foods.  I try to make sure there is one thing on each menu that each person truly likes.  I help the portions according to their likes.  Tell them to eat until they are full.  Have to try everything to get a second helping of anything.  And if I don't like the amount you ate, or you ask too soon after don't get desert.  lol  

    I think the most important thing is just for you and hubby to sit down and get on the same page as to what to do, whatever you do.  Otherwise you'll be reinforcing that divide and conquer works!   -   Barbara

  3. WEll Todds boys once did this to me. They did not eat till they ate what was for dinner. I mean they pretty much had lunch or breakfast waht they wanted but dinner they ate waht they got.great grand Momma always said begreatful for potatoes every day and hog fat it will get you thru all winter. Eat it or die or die eating it but die full warm and healthy looking. So there should only be five things a kid will not eat or refuses to eat. Let them pick the five and other than that they eat waht everyone else does. They are not better than the rest of the world. So they get breakfast free and lunch free but dinner is on me. SEe the deal. If they dont eat dinner that night like they are suppose to they eat it for breakfast if not breakfast then lunch. Believe me a hungry kid wont wait. now those boys try anything and will eat most stuff. Todd even learned watching his boys he thought he hated green beans , salad and broccolie. Now he finds he does like them. not his favorite meal but he likes them. He said he wished his mom had the rules I had growing up from great grandmomma nad that i instilled in our kids. Its not embarassing to take my kids to peoples houses becuase they eat most of whats offered unless its against our beliefs such as pork. Then there is a reason But let her pick five foods she does not have ot eat. YOu ll be amazed and she will thank you when she grows up if you do this.

  4. my daughter too doesnt have the attention span to eat lol.
    Yours is normal. I loved reading the ideas!