Saturday, May 14, 2005

How to kill the MOOD..

(I just know I am going to be dead meat for posting this lol)


Lastnight Hubby and I were sitting on the couch after the kid-os went to bed, watching the end of Honeymoon In Vegas.  He gave me those come over here eyes and patted the couch next to him.  Snuggle time.  So we are sitting there loving on each other with the t.v as back ground noise.  I am not paying attention to it when a comercial for birthcontrol comes on.  Hubby says with out thinking.. Arn't you glad you don't have to worry about that anymore?"

He didn't mean any harm with this remark but I gave him the honest answer.  I found myself saying, I am glad I don't have to think about pills or patches but I am sad that knowing what I know know about the pill and some birthcontrol that they sometimes kill a firtulized egg, so I would prboly not be taking them if you were not fixed. And I would likely be preggers.  But since that wont happen I wonder sometimes what is the point in having sex if it is not going to lead to what it was intended for by God.

OUCH! that kinda flew out of my mouth with out thinking.. and yep.. killed the mood.

I try and not hold on to the regret that we will not have anymore children but sometimes it creeps up on me.  Some think that makes me a wack job because we do already have 4 children.  Some think more than one or two childen is all ready too many lol.  But I think children are a blessing and should be welcomed.  See what happens when you go outside God's plan for your life?

No worries.. we recaptured the mood later


  1. Oh, don't feel guilty for letting him know how you feel.  Actually, maybe he'd be open to getting a reversal.

  2. im kinda figuring out that im to get no more lovin till im married.. hahha

    maybe my virgin patch will regrow?!

  3. Now, Bea, I think God had more in mind with sex than just procreation.  Take another look at the Song of Solomon.  Children are blessings!  But maybe there is such a thing as being too blessed.  lol  Could be God may have other ways for you to use that love and joy of children?  Some ministry.  -  Barbara

  4. I think your talk was right and justified what normal redblooded woman doesn't miss being a new mom. I agree with freedfromevil that it may open up a new door you never know


  5. I want more and I would take more if I had ten. I so regret Todds vas and so does he. Todd was in his 20's never thought he would regeret it but about mid 30's it hit us big time. well late er a bit for him. Yup thats amood killer if you ask me I understand.