Friday, May 20, 2005

Why I came to Hate Jar Jar Binks

Weekend Assignment #60: Recount an interesting moment in your life that somehow involves Star Wars. It can be deeply tangential -- it doesn't have to have happened at a Star Wars movie, for example. But let's face it -- for the last 28 years Star Wars has been part of the common culture. Surely there's an interesting moment in your life in that time, in which Star Wars, its characters or its merchandise has been a part of it.



My son Zane at 6yrs old meets his new best friend Jar Jar Binks.  Innocent enough right? Very cute.. until he started talking like the stuiped thing!!  It didn't take long for the batteries to die

Extra Credit: Ewoks: Cute or Evil? Explain. 
 Evil disguised as cute maybe??

Also I did this little quizz.. I liked the first answer I got.. it said I was yoda but I can't seem to get back to that graphic..



  1. I Like hte wookie myself LOL I have no idea what a jar jar bink is. CLUELESS absoulutly clueless.

  2. The only time Star Wars impacted me as a young person was when I went to go hear Dave Hunt speak about the New Age.  He said Star Wars was a perfect movie to show the parallels from the New Age movement.  The "Force" makes God an unpersonalized source of energy like the New Agers believe.  Yoda I just recently found out about from my friend's site:

    He paid dearly for putting this info. out because his pc got hacked by someone who got angry at him.  It's worth a look.

  3. I honestly can't say it ever impacted me.  I mean, I remember the movie first coming out but never had the slightest interest in seeing it (or any of the others.)  I am astounded at the number of people I personally know who have been anxiously awaiting this new movie to hit the theaters and even some who made the midnight showing.  I have to say...I just don't get it!

  4. I love how fast the batteries died.......I have used that one my self..............Kasey

  5. Aww..look at that precious look on his face when he opened his JaJa!  That is priceless.  Don't be scared yet...the worse is to come.  My son's Buzz Lightyear started talking by itself one night late at night.  Yeah, it might have been the batteries, but I think it was from a "force of another kind."  I stuck it under the bathroom sink so I couldn't hear it.  The memory still haunts me.

  6. I hate Jar Jar Binks...and my dork friends decided that I will now be known as "Darth Obstinate."

    Sad. but true.

  7. Those pictures are great.  Your son looks thrilled.  :)


  8. Lol, he talks like him now!  He is really cute! -Krissy