Friday, May 27, 2005

My story may be featured in a book(s)!

In the recent Silent No More news letter was the following:

Here are the latest requests we’ve gotten from people about being silent no more!

- I feel called to write a book about post-abortion healing that includes letters, poems, and
songs that mothers or fathers have written to their aborted children (or others that have
written to an aborted child).  First, to let people know the truth about abortion; secondly,
to share that there is hope for healing with God; and finally, to build a small
retreat designed specifically for people who are healing from the sorrow of abortion to be
called The Divine Mercy Retreat House.  I began this sacred book in May 2005.  If you would like to submit a letter/poem/song, please send it to: 
or call me at (828) 778-6005.  Blessings, Suzie

- I am seeking women who have had abortions and would be willing to complete a survey to describe the experience and the feelings and regret it produced. Such personal accounts
will be used in a book to educate others on the realities of abortion. Names will be kept confidential, unless otherwise desired. Please contact Stacie Booth at or call 830-964-3237. More information about the author at

I replyed to both of the would be authors and have already heard back and am conversing with Stacie Booth.  I find this very exciting and a blessing to share my story.  I encourage all of you, weather you yourself are post abortive or KNOW some one who is and pass the info on to contact these authors to contribute.  Help me get the world out about these books in the making, please!  The world needs to hear and see how abortion is not helping women but hurting them.


  1. Cool and Congrats girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, that is great news. *Louise*

  3. That is so wonderful of you..I think it will help greatly.