Thursday, May 26, 2005

Yeah! I'm Semi Famous and feeling blessed.

Thanks to Mark over at Music for giving me the heads up that my journal link (and Jamie's and Laura's!!)is on theAOL's People Connection Welcome screen... I guess I can't complain that I never get any press. And again thanks Mark! (don't say you never get pimmped lol)


The support group was very good.. I was very very blessed for going.  It was nice to fellowship with other women who know exactly what I have gone threw and are sharing in the healing process.  I did shed some tears.. but good ones.  Afterwards we went out to get coffee.. I don't drink coffee lol.. but since we are so chatty Starbucks was closed by the time we got there and we ended up going to a beer garden place and had coffee and soda there.  The two ladies I went with are so awesome and very active in the Pro-Life movment.. a good network of friends to have.  Plus it was nice to have an evening to just me, no kids or hubby.. somewhat girls night out.  We havn't worked out all the details about what we are going to do down at the Race From The Cure yet but it is in the works and I feel that it could turn out to be a very big thing.  Keeping it in prayer.  I still have to talk to Josh about it.. I think that is the week him and Zane are going away to Cub Scout Camp anyway but that still leaves me with the girls.


  1. Congrats on being featured on the  connection welcome screen. I just found out yesterday how to do the screen shot thingy. After you have your screen up you press the print screen button and then right click into an email. Hope this is what you are talking about and if it is hopes this helps. I am fairly new on this journaling.  My counter on my journal has got all messed up switching back and forth with the numbers of visits. Helen

  2. jsut hit hte print screen button on your pc to get a shot of what you want on the screen. the copy and paste it and save it to upload. Sounds like you had a cool evening. How awesome. I KNOW A SEMIS FAMOUS PERSON LA LA LA LA LA Congrats to finding your nitche girl

  3. Glad you liked the group.  And Congradulations on the front page mention!!  Go girl!  -  Barbara

  4. yes, I saw that, congratulations!