Friday, May 6, 2005

Strange Dream

Ever have a dream that was from way left field?? LOL  I had one this morning that is making me go.. huhh?? and ewwww!!

In this dream I am living with my parents but my son lives with us also. (no sign of Josh or the girls or that I even knew of them) We had moved into a very upscale building with the apartments centered around this wading pool/fountain.  My impression was that it was fall but still nice enough to put your feet in the wading pool that was heated.  And that is what I was doing after a day of unpacking and Zane was off playing with some neighborhood children.  At the wading pool where I was soaking my feet were a bunch of other women that I seemed to know well enough to be talking and laughing with them.  In comes a man in a well dress suit, graying hair, and we all recognized him as a man who is important.  He came over and talked with us and flirted with us very heavily.  I was embarrassed yet I liked it.  Then the other girls stood up and left and the gentlemen was still there as he decided to take his own shoes off and soak his feet as well.  This was a famous and very important man, and I was impressed that he would take the time to sit and talk with little o me.  More flirting and innuendoes ensued (in my younger years I was a very good flirt) until he finally asked for me to run and get a piece of paper to write something down.  So like a teenager I ran with glee and nervous energy because I knew this was wrong but still I was flattered.  I ran into my apartment and searched for a pen a paper and put on a pair of beat up sandals but decided to take them off and stay bare foot.  When I got back my son was talking to this famous man at the wading pool.  I had mixed feelings about the scene.  On the one hand I didn't want my child to have anything to do with him but on the other I wanted to show of my pride and joy and show  the important man how smart my son is.  So I introduced my son to the him.. who's name only at that time was able to come out of my mouth.. Zane this is President Clinton.. tell him when you grow up what school you want to go to.  Well it was at that time my son decided to become shy and shrugged away to the background. I knew this was the school that He himself had attended, and in fact it was one of the reasons my son had dreamed of going there besides some of his fav writersthat used to teach there he had read a President had gone there. I answered for him COxfard.. um Oxford.  I was hoping this would impress him, and it did.  Clinton said He must do very well in school then if he wants to go to that school.  Oh yes I told him that my son gets all A's but this last quarter he did get some Bs but I think it was because of our recent move.  The man smiled and shook his head in agreement.  Then I remembered I had a paper and pen in hand and gave it over to him.  He wrote something down on it and whispered in my hear.. Zane will have (cant remember the name) award and that will give him a scholarship.  This made me very excited.  And then he left and me and my little boy went back to our apartment.  I get the sense in the dream a few hours had passed and I was in my kitchen talking to my mom who was in the living room when the Secret Service came knocking at my door.  They came in and said there were there to broker a deal between me and HIM.. that he was willing to pay me this amount of money to see him.  I was deeply offended and said I was not a whore and made them leave.  They left but came back at 3 different times to try and talk me into some deal.  Then in my window I saw Hilary with a stern look, as if she was upset I kept sending them away.  And then I woke up.

Weird huh?!  I very rarely remember my dreams so I thought it was worthy to write down.  Is this just some obscure dream or a warning dream? LOL


  1. Now why in the world would you dream something like that? I've had some strange dreams but not like this one. *Barb*

  2. Hmm, well, I know that Hillary says that it takes a town or a city or a community to raise a child... I forget the actual quote... someone help me here... it's a famous one of hers...  Anyway, she thinks that the state should raise our kids, not us.  Maybe it's a warning of some sort.

  3. Ihate having dreams leaving out the rest of hte family.

  4. Odd.  What you admire vs what you know is right?  The daily struggle not to compromise our values?  Getting the best for your son vs. doing what is best?  - Barbara