Monday, May 2, 2005

WOMEN OF VIRTUE: Encouraging Hearts...Together in Christ

A "WOV Note" from Women of Virtue

Decide to Turn Up the Truth.  "Are you tuning into the truth?  Just as a radio plays a clearer message when it is accurately tuned to the correct station number, so your life is able to play a more positive message when the truth of God's Word is turned up in your life.  How can you get the truth to play louder in your head and heart?  (Attend church?  Join
a Bible study?  Read the Bible each day?  Memorize it?  Pray it?) Choose one thing that will help turn up the truth."

Pam Farrel, The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make


This week's verse of encouragement:

"The sum of Thy word is truth, and every one of Thy righteous ordinances
is everlasting."

Psalm 119:160 (NAS)


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  1. Have you gotten the daugthers of virtue magazine. You may likeit for your girls.  use to get it but it has a place online if you wish to check it out.

  2. Listing off His blessings out loud, on paper or in your head helps too.  And singing praise/worship songs or hymns.  Good word!   -  Barbara  

  3. what an awesome verse!
    I have copied it down and put it on my mirror.