Thursday, May 19, 2005

Why do we never hear about these votes that are coming up in the Media??

Calling on you all to make your voice heard AGAIN!

May 19, 2005

Dear Mary:


The House of Representatives will soon vote on HR 810, which would overturn the Bush administration’s policy of limiting federal funding on embryonic stem cells.  Reps. Mike Castle, a Delaware Republican, and Diane DeGette, a Colorado Democrat have sponsored this legislation, HR 810, that would reverse Bush's limits and authorize federally funded research killing human embryos for stem cells.


We urgently need your help to contact your Congressman.  Ask them to reject bill HR 810 that would use your tax dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research and kill tens of thousands of human embryos. Click here for easy contact information. 


PLEASE forward this link to any and all pro-lifers.  It is URGENT that you do so TODAY!


Future generations of unborn children depend upon what we do in the days to come. 


Sincerely for the babies,

Brad Mattes

Executive Director

Life Issues Institute


I don't know about you.. but I dont want any of my tax money going towards the destruction of innocent life.. even in the name of health care and research!

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  1. I guess who ever has the most money wins the hush vote EH????????thats how they keep it quiet.