Saturday, May 14, 2005

It's Saturday Six time again!

Link back to Pat's Journal where the questions are from.  Leave your answer link in the comment section.

1. How many scars do you have on your body?  Where are they? I never really counted.  I have some small ones. The major ones are.. my left anckle, I got it from a burn when I was in Jr High, I was sitting on a bf mopad and put my leg stupidly on the exahust pipe (ouch) I have a few on my hands from doing the earaser game in school.. you know the wimp test? I have a scar in the shap of a smilie face on my left arm from burning it in with a lighter (early form of branding lol)

2. What is the last junk food you ate in such large quantity that you actually felt guilty afterwards? About once a month I pig out on Mounds candy bars.

3. What is the closest spot to your home where you go when you feel like you need an afternoon escape? The wineries.  Good place for a picknick.

4. Of those in your collection, what movie have you watched the most times? WE don't buy very often and once we do it seems we watch it once and then forget about it.  But any of the Dora Cartoons we have I am sure are the most watched around here.

5. Have you ever felt discriminated against?  What about you do you believe led to the discrimination? YA!!! the editors weekly picks.. because I am an outspoken Christian Journal.  JK. I was being considered once for the week of Easter.. but they decided to go a differnt direction with the theme of the week.

6. RAPID FIRE QUESTION #3:  Have you ever hired a:
    a. Maid No.. but I have been a maid.
    b. Lawyer Yes
    c. Chauffer No
    d. Plumber No but our landlord has
    e. Photographer Yes
    f. Realtor No not yet. but soon I hope
    g. Gardener No
    h. Personal Trainer NO
    i. Psychic/Spirtual Advisor I had a paid reading done once, does that count?  And that was before I knew better.
    j. Mortician Nope


  1. Hey.....I pray it is a VERY long time before you need the services of a mortician! - Barbara

  2. Here are my sunday 6!