Friday, May 13, 2005

I don't care if it is Friday the 13th! I will still be Blessed...

Well.. I was half way threw detailing how I finally got my credit reports and (IT WAS A BIG PAIN IN THE BUTT) the hows and why and how I finally got my printer fixed so I could print it and then fax it to the Grant Lady... but then my connection was lost.. and I have spent the last 45 min. monkey around with my DSL and all that. 

Ever have one of those days where everything that could go wrong with what you wanted to do on your computer did?  It doesn't matter that today is supposed to be an unlucky day, this would of likely happen if it was any other day.. and I am blessed no matter what my situation may be.

Longggggggggggg story short... I can't figure out how to get my stuff scanned into the computer (where my fax is) so I can fax the 12 pages or so of info to just one file, so I don't have to keep faxing it as one page at a time.  And I refuse to go somewhere that is going to charge me by the page to fax it.

I called the Grant Lady (who I have been trying to get a hold of all week) to see if I could just e-mail it or snail mail it only to come to find out she has been out of her office all week on sick leave and won't be back until Monday. 

Feel like I am going in circles here and time is starting to run up on us since we wanted to be in a house by the end of summer and not have his mom move in with us at this smaller place.  It is looking like she will have to make due here until we find a bigger place, or we take that one house we saw for rent (really high rent but big enough) until we can get into a house to buy.  I just talked to MIL and she is not coming into town after all this weekend.  And Josh is still working overtime this weekend, so I guess it works out in a way.  Guess it is a good thing no one wanted to go with me to the Friendship Day event at church.. I wouldn't of been able to go any way.

I did talk with one of my friends from church earlier this week about us starting our prayer group back up.  We used to meet once a week at church  with a few other members to pray over all the needs and it was awesome and also a great time of fellowship.   But when the merger started it was stopped and they started having intercessory prayer half an hour before Sunday service.  We are always running late on Sundays and get to church just as service starts and I miss it, so I really have been longing to get back into it.  My friend and I decided to have one, even if it was going to be just her and I, Friday evening and meet at church. 

I guess it is Friday already huh? lol I better call her and make sure it is still on and tell Josh because I forgot to tell him that was something I was going to do


  1. It sounds like a pain in the patoot, all that...  glad that's all over for me now... whooo ha!

  2. How wonderful to see a young person standing for Jesus. I like your journal and thanks for visiting mine too.

    Be Blessed

  3. Seems like with stuff like this there is awlsy stuff to go wrong firday the 13th or not. I had one heck a of a devil of atime getting out of twon to go camping this weekend. left way way after we had planned and hit the worset traffic. Todd had to go down after work and poor fellow had no keys. Maybe reinstall the whole pinter scanned I Had ot do that once to mine.