Monday, May 2, 2005

FOR Jess, Lori, Rach, Barbara, Kasia, and Louise

Here is the nice things I have to say about my friends who asked and some who didn't lol.  I hope I have made it clear how much I value each of my Online and Journal friends.  They enrich my life so much and I hope I do the same for them.    

Jess~  We met in a Christian chat room where the main focus was prayer, that was I would say about 3 yrs ago and we have been closer than sisters ever since.  She is the one I go to when I need to really really vent, when I need that godly Women's advice or just a shoulder because we are so alike sometimes it is scary.  She makes no bones about it, when I have been foolish she holds me accountable, and for that I am thankful.. that is what Real Friends Should DO!  She doesn't just pay lip service and say things to tickle ppl's ears but she always does and says things with and in Love.  She loves her family with all her heart and would lay down her life for them in a heart beat.. ohh don't mess with her Man or Her Kids LOL.  She is the country girl that spends her days barefoot and yess in the kitchen.  And don't try telling her Trac Atkins is NOT singing those songs just for her.. LOL  that will lead into a much heated debate!  But seriously, Jess is one of those Saints that is going to have so much treasure stored up in Heaven and have so many crowns to throw at Jesus's feet, and be soo shinny!  If anything she should be rewarded for having to put up with me and slapping me around from time to time.  I love you Jess and I can't wait till we meet.. be it this side or the other side of Heaven.  (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))  

Lori ~ I started reading Lori's journal last year after she post pics from their PassOver Seater (sp?).  I find anything Jewish fascinating because my Lord and Savior was born a Jew and came to the Jews first.  She is always patient with me and answers any questions I may have.  She has grown into a dear friend who I am sure I will one day get to visit with.  She loves her family so much, to the extent she home schooled her two daughters ( the last one is graduating this week!)  She is very involved with her family and you can see the love shows threw when she talks about her husband.  She is the neat freak I will never be but she has to be with all those doggies she keeps.  She has a big heart for people and animals alike.  She is dearly Loved here in J~Land!  

Rach ~ (she's gone private so you will have to request an invite if you want to read her journal)  I have been knowing her for almost a year now... how time flies!  Some of her best qualities is she is so funny and fun loving.  She has a great sense of humor.. when she is not brooding over a broken heart or disappointment.  When she loves she loves with all of her self and puts her all into it.. which can be very good but also can lead to heart break. She has a lot of PRIDE, but she thinks nothing of laying down her life for her country or neighbor when in trouble. No matter what challenges she faces she does have courage, even if she doesn't see it. She may think she has no one's respect but she has earned mine ((HUGS)) She likes to play the tough guy on the out side (thus the fascination with becoming a Marine) but on the inside she is a big pool of mushy gooey sweet sticky marshmallows. LOL  Ya that is right Rach.. don't even try and deny it!  I've got you pegged!  I am glad we have become friends and can't wait to see all of God's blessings he has in store for you pour down on you.    

Barbara~  She is a new friend, a new neighbor here in the "Land".  I truly have been enjoying and been blessed by her devotionals on marriage. I see her as the older Christian women's point of view and respect her opinion deeply.  I think there is much wisdom lying in the pages of her journal.  But she can also make you laugh too.  I see her as a gracious host of her J~Land home, inviting us in to share with her and become a friend and part of the family. Watch out when she has been mowing with her riding lawn mower.. that is where she does her deep thinking!  Welcome to J~Land Barbara. It is encouraging to see we have such a good neighbor as you here!   

Kasia~  She is also a new friend and neighbor and I am so glad to of met her.  She is like me and doesn't mind a bit of controversy and calling sin.. sin!  She also shares a passion for the End Time message.  I love our conversations together be it be about how to upload a pic into her journal or the conspiracy theories out there  or about who the Beast and False Prophet are going to be.  She is good fellowship all around.  I also respect her and am amazed by her ability to keep up with 8 children!!  AND YESSS THEY ARE ALL HERS! You must know her and her husband love each other lol  no wonder they have such a nice bedroom! JK.  She may come off to some as a bit harsh in her journal but no doubt about it she has a BIG heart and is very compassionate. She is just very honest and some times Truth hurts!  I look forward to learning more about her and growing in our friendship.  Her's is a journal that must not be passed up!  

Louise~ You will have to forgive me Louise.. today is the first time I have ever been to your journal.  Seems like I have been missing out too.. it looks like a wonderful space.. your on my alerts now.  The reading I was able to do I can quickly see we have plenty in common.  We love our husband and our children and have a strong faith in Jesus Christ.(how did you get Larry to start a journal!  My husband refuses to start one.. lol but I would be an avid reader if he did!)  

I know it may feel like you are clinging to everything right now and like you may be holding on by a thread but remember all of his promises for you and hold them dear.. When we are at our weakest he is at his strongest in us.   

Her daughter is recently home from what sounds like a lengthy hospital stay and she has posted many of her prayers.  I do not know what her daughter's condition is but I know that Louise and her family need a lot of prayers RIGHT NOW and they are leaning heavily on their faith. 

Louise please know that I will be praying for you and your family and that any time you need prayer and see me on feel free to IM me and also you can post to the prayer group I host on AOL called PRAYER IN JESUS NAME.


  1. awwwwwwwwww Thank you for your kind words. That was so sweet. I sure am glad we met and yes I hope we get to meet face to face one day.

  2. countrybumkin779May 2, 2005 at 10:40 AM

    ok now........i'm the one that is supposed to make YOU cry.........not you make me reading this brought tears to my eyes. i love you so much, and you didn't have to write anything good about me..........cause when i talk to you i know you love me, thank you so much for your kind words. sending you love and blessings, jess

  3. *blush*  You are too sweet!  But thanks anyway......Won't get no praise like that around here.  lol   -   Barbara