Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Race for the Cure foundation linked with the #1 Abortion Provider in America

Sorry... I know it SUCKS.. but it is TRUE!  

I was reading one of my regular reads in J~Land.. a some what newier one for me but I like her well enough.  In her last post she retold about her involvement with participating in The Race For The Cure.  Sounds like she had a good time even with a few snafus and was happy she could do what ever she could to help fight breast cancer.  I salute her for wanting to help and glad she had a good time.  But I did leave the comment that I found it Ironic that foundation donates money to Planned Parenthood (America's #1 abortion provider) and abortion is linked to causing breast cancer.  I said I find it strange that these two organizations would be linked since one is in the business of fighting breast cancer and the other is helping women possibly get it.  

I know that this was not a PC thing to say and often many good people do not have a clue about Susan G. Komen Foundation giving grants to Planned Parenthood.  She told me that my facts where incorrect and that I needed to check them and then recheck them.  I have gotten this response before from a friend at church that sent an e-mail about the M&M bags that if you bought them it would support that foundation.  My friend was as horrified as I was when I first found out about this all when I showed her the many news articles and blogs and websites about this topic.  

Ok so here is my rebutal (given in LOVE) and The Facts.. checked and rechecked.  

There are many studies that have the findings that support a link between Breast Cancer and Abortion.  This is a topic in of it's self but I will try and stayed focus on this one today.  Despite these findings there are those who are pro-choice who would not want women to be informed about this link and have worked very hard to keep it out of the mainstream media and not warn the women at the clinic about the possibility that this abortion she is about to have could later increase her chances of having breast cancer.  Funny that they say they are all about Women's Health but would not want women to know about something that could kill her.  Then again if I was told that abortion had a link to breast cancer when I was in tohave mine at 15 I don't know if it would of made the least bit of difference.. I was all about the here and now and not thinking about any of the possible consequences later, like many teens who get an abortion. But it would of been nice to know what I was getting myself into.  

The Susan G. Koman Foundation denies this link between Breast Cancer and Abortion (link on their website that where they say it does not) and prefer to cite slanted studies that support there is no link.  Knowing that, it is no wonder that they have no problem giving grants to Planned Parenthood when they apply for them and could care less what a pro-life organization has to say about it.  A pro-choice customer of Curves (a known pro-life and Christian company) unhappy that the founder donates to prolife groups has a website where she posted her e-mail from The Susan G. Koman Foundation where they explain to her how they give grants and that they have and will give grants to local Planned Parenthoods if they have applied for one and gone threw the approval process.  

Eve Sanchez Silver, a research analyst for Komen, quit her position in September when she found that they would not acknowledge the link between breast cancer and abortion and according to former Komen public relations director Kristin Kelly, Komen affiliates awarded 21 grants to their local Planned Parenthood chapters in 2003 totaling more than $475,000.  

So I guess when it all comes down to it you have to make a choice.. support a foundation that doesn't see abortion and breast cancer as a threat and support an organization that provides millions of abortions and thus possibly helping women get breast cancer.  Seems to me like a conflict of interest to help the enemy that may very well cause what you are fighting against.   If you are pro-choice and are all googoo gaagaa over Planned Parenthood, the murder of innocent babies and butcher of women then that is on you but if you are pro-life, like I am and are horrified by this connection you will not support the Susan Koman Foundation.  

There are many organizations that are helping women and fighting breast cancer that do not support those who provide abortions.  A good webpage that I have found and has a list of where you can donate your would be Koman Dollars is called Pink Money.  Spread the word because not many are aware of this FACT of the Koman foundation and Planned Parenthood.


  1. OH my we never know what we are getting inot sometimes.

  2. I had no idea the Komen Foundation supports Planned Parenthood.  Sunday at church they were handing out little bags with goodies and pink ribbons in them.  Things that make ya go ...HMMMMMM....

  3. I remember a long time ago trying to open people's eyes to the March of Dimes involvement in abortion where they actually funded experiments where the scientists were chopping up preserved aborted babies to see if they felt pain!!  People did not believe me.  It's like they are zombies and think everything like this is just fiction.  When will people wake up?

  4. Bravo girl!  Thank you for being articulate, informed, and I believe very fair in your reporting, given your own personal beliefs.  And I was one who did not know about this connection.  It is very hard to really know where any of your dollars go these days. -  Barbara

  5. Thanx for sharing this - I had no idea, but I'm going off to research it for myself.  I have a gut feeling you're right on the money here.  I've always gotten a weird feeling about the Race for the Cure and I could never figure out why - this would definately explain it!