Monday, May 23, 2005

Bless and you will be blessed..

I was trying to think of something to get or to do that would bless my son for being such a good friend to his classmates but I really was coming up short.  But God had a plan set all along to bless him even more abundantly then I could.   

Today one of Zane's friend's mom called me to ask if he could go along with them tonight to the Cardinals Baseball Game.  Her husband had been given some from a vender at his work and it was out of the blue but they had an extra one if Zane would like to come along. OFCOURSE I said YES.  And when I told Zane about it when he got home he was very excited.  So that is where my boy is at tonight.. all lathered up with sunscreen wearing a hat and decked out in red and glove in hand.. because don't you know MOM it may happen.. they do pop balls into the crowd sometimes.. as he was telling me lol.  

We have talked about going out to the game as a family but it can run very expensive and for me and the girls anyway I think it would be some what boring.  I know Zane will have a good time.  

Just goes to show you, God will bless you for doing the right thing, even if you don't expect anything in return, because I know he didn't think that when he gave his friend the money for the library book.



When Zane came home last night he was soooooooo excited and appreciative of us letting him go (he was supposed to be grounded.. but I had forgot lol he has never really been grounded before so it has been hard to remember to keep him to it)

I also hadn't realized how good of seats they had!! Ninth row behind the dugout!  Zane said,"Mom, remember when we went to the hockey game and how we sat wayy way way up there?  Well this would of been like sitting right behind the goalie net at the hockey game!!!" Thanks son for putting it in terms I could understand LOL.  He said you could see (insert name of one of the player's) clear as a bell as he swung.  There was alot of pop balls and you could see them go soooo high!! I asked who was (insert name of player) Ohhhh MOM! Don't you know.. he is like the best guy we have on OUR team this year!  At the end of the game his friend's dad took them down by the dug out and the team manager was throwing out game balls.  His friend caught one in his clove and Zane was so happy for his friend.. he didn't seem sore at all that he didn't catch one.  I hear there is pictures but since they took them on their dig camera I will have to ask her to e-mail them to me.  If there is any good ones I will post it later.  I think Zane is going to be an avid baseball fan now LOL.


  1. WOW great rewards for him. SEe God works he really does see.

  2. What a wonderful entry. And your son did get blessed in a special way. But of course he has a MOM for a good example. HUGS< and love too. *Barb*

  3. What a great entry. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Great story. Praise God.*Louise*

  4. What a wonderful treat for Zane!  And some good memories for a lifetime.....