Saturday, May 7, 2005

For My Mommy

Weekend Assignment #58: Post one of your favorite mother/child pictures. This could be a picture of you and your mother (at any age), or a picture of you with your children (again, at any age), or even one of your spouse and kids. But it should be a mother who is important to you personally.

Extra Credit (this is an optional part of the assignment): Share a piece of fun trivia about your mom.


I couldn't post JUST ONE pic lol.  I don't have a whole lot of childhood pics because Mom still has that album but here is two I got out of the album I put together for her and my dad for their 25th anv. and she gave it back to me before she got re-married. And one from my trip to Milwaukee to see her just before her heart surgery last summer.. the last time I got to go up there for a visit. (can't wait till Aug!)

I think it is obvious why I love #1 & #2 so much.  I don't think I could apreshate my Mother fully until I became a mother myself and now seeing the pics of her with me still in her womb and then her and me as a new born takes on a profound meaning to me.  I am my mother's first born and as I look at these picuters I think of the child that would of been my first born and I mourn her and miss her even more.  I am thankful for a mother who gave me life, who wanted me and loved me.  I like pic #3 because it reminds me that life goes so fast and we never know when it will be our last breath.  Last year just before mom went in for her surgery I was convinced that she was going to die and I just wasn't ready for a world that didn't have my Mommy in it.  I am greatful that my mom came threw it all ok and we can still have more memories to make.

Fun Trivia about my mom.... She once was an Avon Lady.  She also once played Santa for my little sister's Head Start Class.  She also was my Girl Scout Leader for my Brownie years.  She was there for almost all her grandchildren's births (she has 8 grandchildren now between me and my sister)  She is an avid Neil Diamond fan.  She started to collect pigs when Josh and I got married (because of my new last name)




  1. OH my your sister and you and yur mom all looks so much alike . WOW happy mothers day.

  2. That's so nice you have such loving memories of your mother.  She sounds very sweet.

  3. thanks for such a nice tribute.  you of course made your mommy cry.  I love you and all my babies.  You have a wondrful Mothers  Day too.  
    P.s thanks for letting the world see me lol

  4. Awe!  Sweet entry.  God bless you dear one and have a very Happy Mother's Day!
    P.S. - Thanks for all the little tid-bits you leave me!