Tuesday, May 3, 2005

What Goes Bump in the night??

I have been making an effort to go to bed at a decent hour and preferably the same time as my husband.  Those who know me well know I am a night owl so this is a hard process to get used to.  Josh has been getting up to work at the awful hour of 4:30 because he has been assigned a job out of town but not far enogh where they would put him up in a motel or even to reimburse him for gas(gurr) so he has a lot of drive time and has been going to bed way before 10.

I haven't been feeling well the last few days.. likely because of Aunt Flow getting ready to pay a visit. So I was eager to go to bed with him at 9:15.  Turned off the tv in the living room.. turned off alllll the lights save the bathroom so the kids could see if they had to get up.  All was quiet for a change.  I tried to sleep but I put on the bed room t.v. low watching FNC.  About 10:30 or so I heard something.. I thought it was the back door that is off of the kitchen.  Our bedroom is right off the kitchen also.  I can hear everything in the kitchen.  I heard more noises and am getting really freaked out.  I muted the t.v.  My heart is beating a mile a minet.  I just knewwww someone was in the house and was thinking.. WHAT DO I DO?!  I didn't have even a heavy baseball bat to knock some one over the head should they come to my room or I go and vengure out to see what it was.  I didn't think it was any of the children since they are pretty loud and I would hear thier foot steps.  I did something I never do.. wake up my husband to go check it out (yess I was a chicken)

He goes.. half asleep and grogy and I listen for I am sure a struggle will ensue and praying OH GOD PROTECT US. Listening.. nothing.. nothing.. nothing.. Bedsides Annie sleeping (or pretending to sleep) on the couch there was nothing.  I came out and locked the doors as Josh got a drink and a cookie to munch.  I yelled at AnnMarie to confess to being in the kitchen, if not that means some one is in our house and we NEED to call 911.  She isn't budging.  I yell I KNOW I AM NOT CRAZY as I check each room for a predator and even go down to the basement and check every nook and cranny.  I make Annie go back to bed and I try and sleep as my heart rate comes down a few notches.

Lesson learned.. sleep with the cordless phone and maybe a baseball bat in the bedroom.. and put some bells or something on the kids doors.  Took me another hour to fall asleep.


  1. I always sleep with my Ka-Bar knife in my bedroom. Its somewhere that Brian doesnt even know where it is. So I think in the even that something were to happen thank God I have it. Although I've wacked my brother upside the head with a high heel before, I think my knife is okay. I just need to see who it is first.

  2. countrybumkin779May 3, 2005 at 12:18 PM

    lol oh goodness, this is why i sleep with a shotgun, .22 rifle, and a couple more i won't mention tucked safely in the gun rack above my head. oh and i can't forget my trusty guard dog beside me. lol. all i will say is IF someone tries to get in this house they better be heavily insured, cause they are gonna need it. i'm glad everything turned out ok though. sending you bunches of love, jess

  3. Im a night owl too. But I still get up at five with Todd its ahabit fro me tostart myday early with him. Ialsoget a start on chorse nad pc stuff. thepc is queit. We go to bed at 11 or 12 each night. Im glad no one was there. But yesits scarry whenyou hear something but our house has  door knob lock and dead botl and security systeman d bars on the doors. Even got an alarm on the garage. Its a virtual lock down at night. These simple little poles that have a y at the top and go under the door knob and rubbber on the bottom are the best things to keep strangers out. I sleep pretty good that and my dogs. anyone who comes to my door hears PEPPERS loud bark and the run. See you need  a big dog.

  4. It does pay to sleep with cordless phone near bed. You poor thing. Nothing as scary as that. Here's something to balance it out with. One night, before Johnny and I were married, the children and I were in bed. All of a sudden I hear something. I holler out, " Is somebody there? Silence. Again."Is somebody there?" Next thing I know there is a light shining in my face and a voice behind the light says, "It's okay, Mam. It's the police. We're searching the neighborhood for a burglar. " I say, 'a burglar, in a shaky, sleepy voice, wondering how THEY got in my house. He says, " Yes. And he COULD have come in here. You forgot to lock your side door. " OOOPS. BOY was I blessed. God was watching over us for sure.

  5. I know going to bed early is futile for me too but I have to every once in a while to catch up on lost sleep.  Plus, oh yeah, hubby might miss me.

  6. my husband has the same routine as his job is in the Bay Area. Fortunately, he has a company vehicle. He is thrilled that I have this new daytime job, 7 am to 7 pm as it means I have to go to bed early too on those days I am scheduled. I too get up at 4:30 then. Not for the drive but because it takes FOREVER for my supe thick hair to dry and it is all about how I look.   LOL
    Praying for safety for him.
    Take care.

  7. Hi friend. I hat it when that happens, then it is really hard to get back to sleep after all of that excitement! Wishing u a good nights sleep! God bless, Beckie

  8. LOL  I like the way in which you told this.  Perhaps someone was sleep walking?  Got any rat traps?  May God bless you both with the rest you need to get thru your days.  Welcome to my world.  Every weekday starts at 4:00am!   -  Barbara

  9. Been there, done that!  I heard something recently while in bed that sounded like it was chewing through the floor!  It was a baby possum apparently because my husband found it leaving the kitchen back through the vent a few nights later!