Monday, May 30, 2005

OH Baby!

Busy Holiday weekend.

I feel bad that I neglected to call my baby sister and wish her a happy birthday Friday!  LOL Mom reminded me, and I haddddd planned on sending her at least an e-card.. but I was going ohhh shoooot when she called me Sat asking if I was too busy to call her Friday. lol.  SO HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY LITTLE SISTER MARCY!!!!

Then we got a call from one of Josh's old friend from H.S. We talk about once or twice a year it seems.  He just had a baby with his girlfriend.. the baby was very early and weighed just over 3 pounds.  So ofcourse we made plans to go and visit him and his gf and hope to sneak a peek at baby after church.  And ya I think I did go a bit over board on gifts for the mom and baby lol I have never met the mom but I thought it would be fun to get her stuff to start scrap booking for the new baby pics that I am sure they are going to have a ton of.. and ofcourse I couldn't stop.. the discount isle at Wal-Mart had some great baby deals.  The girls were happy to help me pack the gift bag.

Zane stayed the night over a friends Sat and spent most of Sunday there.  We went to see the baby at the hospital.  When we had told the girls we had planned on seeing a new baby Sophia go SO excited.  She was the first one up Sunday, dressed and nudging us saying it is time to see the baby. LOL!!  She had a hard time sitting threw church she was so excited.  But ofcourse since the baby was in the NIC unit no one under 14 could go in to see her.  BUT I GOT TO!  They did have a window that the kids could look threw to see the preemie babies.. and they loved it!

All I can say is AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! So little and sooooo sweet!  (How can you work with all those babies every day Laura and not want to take them home lol?) She was under a heating lamp to help prevent jaundice but other than that very healthy. I did get to touch her, and Greg the daddy was so proud and already planning more lol (get married first please!)  I rubbed her little back that still had a bit of hair on it and could feel her tiny little ribs and touched her little fingers and toes.  She had a full head of dirty blond hair like her daddy too.  And the name.. Heaven spelled backwards.. Neveah.. lol. OHH if you thought I had a baby jones before.. a whole room full of them! I asked Josh later if seeing the baby made him yearn for another one.. even if just a bit.  He put his hand up and made the ok sign and said the space between his thumb and pointer finger.. so no not really.

I did have a twinge of sadness as I rubbed Neveah's little back and felt her little lungs breathing and felt her little bones threw her thin skin.  I had a pang of grief for the babies I knew that were killed today that would of been just about her size, instead of being born and allowed to live, being delivered to the shoulders and then violently having it's head crushed open and then having it's brains sucked out.  Although the partial birth abortion ban was signed it is not being upheld by the courts, many deeming it an unconstitutional ban.  I didn't want my joy and sorrow to be mixed and wanted to be so happy for our friend so I shoved those thoughts down and Spoke to Nevaen and told her what a blessing she is and Welcome to this life.

Getting to see a new baby was the highlight of my weekend for sure but we did have a nice Holiday BBQ with the inlaws and I got another call from my sis so my niece could sing me one of the songs she learned from school.

I hope everyone had a blessed weekend too and remembered why we celebrate and have remembrance for those who serve to keep us Free.

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  1. How neat your little sis and I have the same birthday. So nice of you to go visit your friend  Ihope the little one has not complications. so sweet adn so tiney.