Tuesday, May 17, 2005

NOOO she was NOT trying to be like Brittany Spears!

  I just feel terrible.. and likely just as embarrassed as my daughter.  

This morning Annie wanted to wear a dress to school.  May it be noted I am not a very good morning person and am half awake.. but normally I do make sure the kid's clothes match, since they are at the age where they dress themselves. I dooooo remember stressing the importance of wearing underwear, especially when wearing a dress.  

Annie comes home all happy go lucky and says nothing to me about anything that has happen at school.  She asked if she could call a friend to see if she could go over and play.  I let her but make sure I talk with the mom.. you know how kids say sure but the mom may have other plans.  So talking with the mom she tells me that her daughter told her how Annie had a bad day at school today..I am like.. huh.. what?? No tell me, I didn't hear about anything.  So she goes on to tell me how in P.E. today Annie tripped and was wearing a dress.. and apparently forgot to put underwear on and the kids saw her privates and teased her.  She was sent to the nurse and they gave her a pair to put on. 

   Can you imagine my horror and embarrassment of having to hear this form another mother, and not my own daughter much less the school!!!!  I told her I am surprised that Annie didn't talk to me, maybe she thought she would be in trouble? I was even more surprised that I didn't hear from the nurse at school.  And worst I am worrying how I look to everyone.. the failer of a mother they must be thinking I am.  

So I took my daughter aside in my bedroom so it would be private and ask her to tell me what happen today at school.  It was like pulling teeth to get her to talk.  I promised her I would not be mad.. I just want her to know she can feel safe to tell me stuff, even if she thinks I may not like it. So she finally tells me and how her friends stuck up for her when the other kids were teasing her.  I told her those are good friends she has.  I told her that maybe she will listen to me when I tell her about things now and save herself from these embarrassments.  I asked WHY she didn't wear any.. she said she couldn't find any and that she was in a hurry.. she didn't want to miss the bus like yesterday.  I told her she should of told me she couldn't find any.. I just did laundry and had somedownstairs.  So we hug and all is right again and I am praying the next time she herself will talk to me instead of letting me hear it from other sources.  

So we get out into the living room.. Josh has been half a sleep on the couch since he got home and says to Annie that the nurse called him today at work and told him what happen.  Annie is embarrassed all over again and says Oh I thought she called Mom.  He said no, mom wasn't home so she called me on my cell. (she must of called when I was at the store and really let Josh have it)  I chimed in that Annie and I just had a talk about it all and to drop it.  He said fine, it wasn't her fault anyway and dozes back to sleep. YEP!!! The jury is in.. I am a sucky mom who let's her kids go to school half naked!  

Days like these I really have to fight the urge to pick up the pipe and take a big hit of weed or down a bottle of wine.  AND I HAVN 'T.. NOR WILL I.. just saying those old habits would like to come back and dabble with my life now and then.. but I fight it.


  1. she does have good friends, thankfully. and you ARE good mom. we all make mistakes, and this is one of the many that we'll face. atleast it wasnt HORRIBLE.

    as for me...i'd pick up the bottle. but you, you have willpower.

  2. countrybumkin779May 17, 2005 at 4:32 PM

    oh goodness, this is one reason i RARELY let marina wear a dress to school. the falling thing AND the swings. i can't tell you how many times i was teased cause i would forget to tuck my dress well before i started swinging. i'm glad that it has worked out, and if she was in a good mood when she got home then maybe it wasn't to traumitic.

  3. nohting wrong with a some wine girl. but let me tell you one day when we was at the BAPTIST churhc.  we had been there and at the end they always sang the same just as I am song. well Todd went and picked Rachael up and she was maybe 3 or so and his hand was under her butt he said SHE AINT GOT NO UNDERWEAR. He felt a naked butt!!!!!!! I wonder how many seen if any in the pews near us when she was playing or laying on the pews. Now this was an evening service girl so you aint a bad momma. we just acnat watch them constantly. Now it does give new meaning to the saying momma always says to wear clean underwear. I guess she felt if they aint clean wearing none is better but Now I guess shethinks twice over it. Laugh about it and go on and just like hwen Rachael pulled her panties down in front of my uncles coffin and said I got to go potty mommy and just like hwen she came out in my yard sale swining her clothes in front of buyers saying I cant get this clothes on mommy butt naked  twisting her butt and we laugh and joke about it now. YOu will too one day and so will she. !!!!!! I promis. You will. HEY look I htink my kids are okay and look at all the panty incidents I have had with one child only!!!!!!!!!! see your lucky you jsut now dealt with it girl!!!!!!!!!!! {{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}

  4. And I thought I had a bad day yesterday!  Praise the Lord that she has such good friends.  (((Hugs))) for both of you.