Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Just a vent.. I should be off the rag in about a day

Ren & Stimpy: "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy"

So school is officially out for my kid-os! Oh JOY!! Now I have to figure out what to do with them on these approaching long hot summer days and nights.  Trips to the Library I am sure will be in order.  I will have to dust off my card and maybe even pay what ever fines I may have lol.  I asked the kids if the teachers gave them a suggested reading list for the summer.. nope.. geezz thanks.  Report cards are in the mail along with class assignments for next year.  Zane said he was guaranteed to be in the 5th grade E-Mints class since he was last year and when I asked Annie who she wanted for next year she said the one for the 3rd grade eMints (not sure she will get in, but it would be nice, it is supposed to be done by drawing.. ya right)  I also need to work more with Lilly since she is going into K.  We need to work on her writing her name and I should teach her our phone number at least lol but we hope to be moving soon so that may just confuse her.. I don't know.

The application for us to get into the Down Payment Grant was sent off as of last Friday!! With prospects of the classes that are required starting on the 9th.  One step closer into getting our own house.  Josh already wants me to start getting boxes and packing lol.  I really want to stay near where we live now so the kids wont have to change schools but if we move just a bit more west we can get more of a newer house for the same amount of money we would spend here.  I don't know.. I am just going to leave it up to God and praying he will direct us to where HE wants us to be.  I am sick of moving and want this to be our last one.. finally.

Zane and Annie have church camp a week from Saturday and the week after that Josh and Zane have Cub Scout camp for a week, so I have been trying to prepare for that. Both of them have grown like weeds since last summer and most of their summer cloths don't fit.  Especially Annie!  She is only 8 for crying out loud and it is almost time for her to be shopping in the Miss department.  She is already in training bras.. sigh.  And my son's feet are enormous!!  We went shoe shopping today for sandles but then I noticed how his tennies are falling apart.. literally.  He is now a 6 1/2 - 7.. and I couldn't find a 7 in the children's department so I am figuring it is about time for him to move up to the men's shoes sizes??  This is just crazy.. my babies are growing up on me!

Well at least the older ones can help clean the house now lol since they have nothing better to do tomorrow.  Oh and taking all 4 kids shopping really does suck!  Sophia has been sooooooooooooo whinny and demanding.. I have found my self become one of those moms that is tempted to slap her child in public.. but wont because of the security cameras.(you know I am kidding right?)  She wants to stay my baby but yet wants to help too.. she is stuck in between.  So when I treat her like my baby she gets pissed off and when I do let her help,.. well she just isn't ready to help that is all there is to it.  And guess who has to go grocery shopping tomorrow? YEP, me. 

I am ready for another girl's night out... or ANY night out for that matter.. and it is just the beginning of summer.


  1. girl you crack me up!

  2. Our kids have three more weeks of school.  Up North they go to school later into the year, and due to the bad weather get more time off in winter.  I'm glad for it right about now! LOL

  3. Isn't it wonderful!  lol   That is one benefit of having them 10 years apart.....I can say "you're both staying home!"  if I want to.   -  Barbara