Monday, May 9, 2005

My Mother's Day re-cap

I am still smiling ear to ear and proudly wearing my gifts that Josh got me on behalf of the children.

We stayed up late Saturday night so Sunday was hard for me to get up out of bed.  Josh got up earlier than me and just could not get me going.  Finally he sent the girls in to jump on me and handed me a nicely wrapped box.  He didn't tell the children what he got because the are HORRIBLE secret keepers LOL so they were chomping at the bit to know what was in that box and almost ripped it open for me lol.  From the shape of the box I thought.. oh maybe it is a watch from Wal-Mart, that would be nice, the box is too small to be the back yard hammock that I have been wanting lol.  So with my children and husband looking on I slowly open the nice wrapping that had a flower bow, torturing the kids.  Inside the box was another box.. a jewelry box from a popular jewelry store. "Ohh no.. he went to a jewelry store!!" I thought and gave him a blushed look.  I opened the second box and Josh said I turned beet red and the look on my face was priceless.. in it was a beautiful pearl bracelet!  A REAL BRACLET FROM A REAL JEWLARY STORE!  Josh placed the pearls on my wrist, it was a perfect fit as he showed me how the clasp worked, I was speechless.  My girls were not.. they went on and on.. ohh mommy you are so pretty with your pretty bracelet..(Sophia asked if she could wear them too lol NO WAY)  Josh insisted I hurry up and get dressed and come out into the living room, I had one more present to open. Again the kids were excited and kept telling me to hurry up too.  "What could he of gotten now?" I thought, the bracelet was already too much and more then I ever expected.  The gift was in matching wrapping and flower bow that the braclet had been in.  I again slowly open it, almost dreading what could be inside knowing that it must be from the same place as the bracelet.  Yep.. another jewelry box.. a bit bigger then the first one.  I shot him a look before opening it and Josh told me, "oh don't let the box fool you, you can buy those for $5" trying to tease me and make me think it was not really from that store.  I was not fooled lol but another look of shock as I took out a very nice set of pears.  A real pearl necklace!! From a real jewelry store!!  As he put them on me he assured me that they were not quiet Heirloom quality but still nice.  He knew what I was thinking.. I should kill him for spending that much money on me.

I playfuly asked if I looked like Marge Simpson in my pearls.

This is the nicest gift I have ever gotten for Mother's Day from my husband and knowing that he thinks I am worth the money he worked hard to earn to pay for such a gift brings tears to my eyes.  I am fighting the guilty feeling knowing he spent the money he made from a recent side job on me.  I thought I had always made it clear that I don't care if he spends alot of money on me, that really I do prefer the practical gifts to the fancy expensive ones, trying to pinch a penny so it can last a bit longer.  Really that money should of been put away for our downpayment or go for something for the kids..  but how can I yell at him for such a thoughtful and beautiful gift?  I feel unworthy but he doesn't seem to think that way and the smile on HIS face as he looks at me wearing them is priceless in of it's self.


My children also gave me sweet gifts.  Zane brought home a potted flower in a decorated pot and Annie gave me a home-made chia pet.. grass grown in a decorated can to look like a face.  I also got priceless home made cards and coupon book from the kids.  I teased Annie when she asked will I ever use the coupon book she gave me for Valentines Day.  I told her I was saving them all up for when they are teenagers to use them. LOL She said that is not fair but I pointed out that there was no expiration date on them and you do what ever I ask of you now, so I am saving them for when you are a teen when you are more likely to not WANT to do what I ask.

Bedsides all the gifts it was a nice family day.  We had a wonderful service at church and it very much reminded me of the devotionals I have been reading over at Barbara's journal about the women's role and as my Pastor pointed out.. Father's Day is coming up and he promised the men he would get to them.. God has alot more to say about fathers and husbands then he did about wives and mothers LOL. (it was more of a teaching sermon than an oh happy mother's day sermon but still very good, I should of took notes lol)  After church we had a picnic lunch at the park and let the kids run around and play.  It was nice and sunny out and got hot so we didn't stay to to long.  Then we went home and rested and snoozed.  Annie had a Birthday party to go to for about an hour.  Then to top off the day we had Chinese for dinner.

I am just so blessed and I thank you Lord for giving me each one of my children and my wonderful Husband.  Lord I feel unworthy of such good things but you have chosen to bless me and call me your child, how can I argue with you?!  Help me to be a good steward with what you have given me and help me to be the Godly wife and mother to my family that you are calling me to be.


  1. oh lucky you HunyBea!
    I bet you feel like Jacquiline Kennedy wearing the pearls.
    that such a nice and thoughtful gift. Thats all I ever ask for is for someone to be thoughtful when buying me gifts. Happy Mothers Day

  2. awwww how speical how about a pic of that beauty you got girl

  3. Awww, how nice.  Sounds like a wonderful day.  : )

  4. So Glad you had a good Mother's day!  What a sweetie that hubby be! -  Barbara