Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What a differnace a day makes.. and really great sex : )

Good to know if I can't be the World's Greatest Mother I can still be the World's Greatest Lover


Nice when your hubby says we are not the norm.. as where everyone else he knows says thier sex life after marriage got worse... ours only increasingly gets better...I could go into more detail.. but then I would for sure be TOS


  1. lmbo!  you go girl!  Hey works for me!  We have sex less but man it is much better than it was 15 years


  2. it gets better because you cant have surprises anymore. so you guys have to pull out all the stops. as for me...this again would cause me to pick up the bottle. and to think i just bought my man replacement last night? gee...where be that bottle? oh...2 months away!!

  3. Hey We had pretty good last night for me anyway. Toddworks so hard and IM so hung up on thigns LOL But hey its pretty good. Todd will love your smily faces LOL the girls will be grossedout LOL But girl share details We inquiring minds got to kow well not all but some LOL YOur a good  mom too girl.